RealtimeT6301 » RealtimeT6301

Product Specifications
Structure: 304 stainless steel panel punching forming
Dimension of appearance: Length 1400x width 300x height 1100 (mm)
Material: 304 stainless steel/spraying plastics
Passage width: less than 300 MM
Access mode: Single/ bi-direction
Recognition mode: Face/ Fingerprint/ IC card / ID card
Capacity of face register: 3000
Capacity of fingerprint register: 5000 (range from 5000 to 100,000 pieces)
Camera: Two high definition cameras(real-time transport picture)
Infrared light: Two exported super bright infrared light
Display: 4.3 inch high definition TFT capacitance touchable bright color screen
Communication interface: RS485, TCP/IP, P2P, Web
Mode of access control: Professional pattern, wiegand and output, anti - sneak, anti-trailing
Input interface: Switching signal (COM interface is ground)
Drive Motor: Continuous current motor 30W/24V
Operation time of swing door: About 2s.
Working environment: Indoor and outdoor (canopy is better)
Power: AC 220V / AC 110 V (optional)
Temperature of working environment: -15°C - 75°C
Relative humidity: Less than 95%, non-condenation.
  • Fingerprint
  • TCP/IP