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Product Specifications

Fingerprint Sensor: Option IR Auto Wake Up Sensor
Front Plate: 68x198x30mm ( Stainless steel 304 materials)
Black Plate: 68x198x25mm ( Stainless steel 304 materials)
Mortise: Center distance: 70mm, Backset: 55mm
Applicated door thickness: 35~55mm
Battery: 4 AA battery (8,000~10,000 times)
Operating Temperature: -35°C--85°C
Usability test: Mortise (30.000 times) Handle(50,000 times) Stainless steel 304 materials
User Capacity: 100 fingerprints/100 passwords
Identification: Fingerprint/key/password
Lock body: USA Small lock Body ( Stainless steel 304 materials)
Communication: USB Download the unlock records to PC
Fingerprint Capacity: 100
Log Capacity: 30,000
Identification Methods: Fingerprint,Password ,Key
Data Communication: USB 2.0 Download
Working Temperature: --25°C---55°C
Power Supply/Power Source: 4AA battery
Sensor Type: CMOS fingerprint sensor
Humidity Range: 0 ~ 40
Recognition Speed: <0.5 sec
FRR Rate: 0.01%
FAR Rate: 0.0001%
Supply Voltage: 2.5 to 3.3V
Supply Current: 7mA at 3.3V, 4mHz, and room temperature
Quiescent/ Dynamic/ Peak Current: 400mA*/ 600mA*/ 800mA*
Wear-and-tear: more than 10 million times
ESD Protection: Approx. 30kV IEC61000-4-2