BS-99 » BS-99

Product Specifications
Facial capacity 1000
Fingerprint capacity 10000
Storage Capacity 200000
Fingerprint Recognition Speed 0.7s
Identification way Fingerprint, facial, password and card
Identification mode1 N,1:1
Facial Recognition speed ≤1s
Standard Function USB2.0, exempt drive ,TCP/IP,ID card
Hardware Platform Atmel 400MHz
Keyboard 4*4 keyboard, Size of machine 190x80x30mm
Alarm function Intimidation alarm, tamper alarm, forced door-opening alarm, door-opening overtime alarm, entrance point alarm
Lock output NO/NC
Weigand out and in Support
Door open button Support
WiFi Support
Use distance 30-80cm
Size of the Machine 78×201×66.3MM,
Extend Face Capacity (Optional)2000 face (Optional)3000 face (Optional)
  • Fingerprint
  • RF Card
  • USB Disk
  • Access Control
  • Fingerprint Scanner